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Experienced IT Change Management specialists

Cosmos Technology Ltd was formed in 2013 to provide expert IT business change resources to businesses who required help with IT Business Change Management. Cosmos Technology Ltd can provide IT consultants to advise on IT business change issues or provide full analysis, project and programme management expertise. We have over three decades of experience within a wide range of industries. We have particular experience of manufacturing iPLM systems in both large and small companies.

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The prescriptive nature of the aerospace industry relies on precision and planning to ensure quality, reliability and above all safety whilst at the same time promoting innovation and efficiency. Cosmos Technology Ltd has comprehensive experience of supporting design engineering and manufacturing as well as maintenance and operation of aircraft in this dynamic and exciting industry. Through business process design, implementation and integration of business systems from product life cycle management to aircraft operations from start up to shutdown.


Defence covers everything from land, sea and air capabilities to electronics and cyber security. Companies operating in the industry range from large multinational companies to small companies that provide specialist support for a specific technology. Cosmos Technology Ltd has successfully helped to integrate critical business change through Service Integration and Management (SIAM) methodology implementation, within the UK MOD information systems and security organisation significantly improving business process and efficiency.

Financial Services

As the financial services industry continues to grow and change, Information Technology has created opportunity for both financial services and its consumers. Cosmos Technology Ltd supports company operations in the 21st century, enabling them to incorporate technology into financial activities to provide a seamless, industry standard customer journey, online, 24/7. The importance of integrated business systems in finance also improves data management, file management, security, governance and other critical business requirements. Cosmos Technology Ltd has a wealth of experience of successfully supporting financial institutions to bring about significant improvements in business process.


To navigate the labyrinth of Insurance regulations and compliance when it comes to your company’s IT infrastructure, software and business processes is no small task, especially while maintaining a reliable and secure platform for your customers all through any upgrade, compliance or improvement project. We appreciate all aspects of the insurance business sector and its challenges and recognise the importance of a solid IT foundation, appropriate controls and goal oriented business processes.


The foundation of a well planned marketing campaign lies firmly on the grounds of Information Technology with robust business processes and controls. Cosmos Technology Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering IT infrastructure upgrades, new software solutions and business processes tailored to aid in the planning of marketing campaigns with as much detail as required to minimise cost with the maximum potential for new business.


The automotive industry has been driving innovation and automation for a century. This process has accelerated in recent decades with the advent of Information Technology in design, manufacturing and the products themselves. This has created an exponential increase in the use of IT business systems and the associated complexity that goes with it. Cosmos Technology Ltd has the required skills and experience to bridge the void between core business activity and the integrated business systems that support them. From concept through the end to end product lifecycle, governance and product support, we can help.



What we offer

Business Process Development

Cosmos Technology Limited specialise in resolving IT business process issues. Outgrown your business processes and associated IT architecture and services? We can analyse your current business processes and IT services integration, plan and execute an ordered transition with greater efficiency, future proofing processes and services in harmony with your current business plans.

Business Analysis

Cosmos Technology Limited can carry out critical data analysis from the largest institutions to the smallest SMEs and startups whatever the size of your organisation, we're ready. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand business requirements, gather, collate and analyse business data to create relevant management intelligence to inform that affects business decision making and drives efficiency.

Project Management

Cosmos Technology Limited has extensive experience of both large enterprise level organistations and small SME and startup IT & infrastructure projects from initial design and due dilligence to enterprise level deployments and transitions. Cosmos Technology Ltd has extensive experience in the most challenging environments that require zero downtime and seamless transitions. Whatever the size of your project we are ready.

IT Support for Maintenance & Manufacturing

Cosmos Technology Limited has extensive experience of IT in manufacturing environments from Aerospace to Automotive manufacturing and maintenance. We can help streamline your IT processes and services. When you just cannot afford downtime we can help. Complex project life cycle management issues? Need complex governance issues integrated into your IT processes? We can help.

Programme Management

Cosmos Technology Limited can help with complex IT programme management with extensive experience in complex international environments to small startups, we can help.


Cosmos Technology Limited has vast experience of IT consulting from reviews of current practice to full blown IT programme consulting. Large or small, we can help.

Why Choose Us

Cosmos Technology Ltd was formed in 2013 to specialise in resolving IT business process issues. Many businesses outgrow their business processes and associated IT architecture and services. Rather than just upgrading IT infrastructure and services due to obsolescence or withdrawal of support we have the capability to analyse current business processes and IT services and plan and execute an ordered transition with greater efficiency, future proofing processes and services in harmony with current business planning.

Due dilligence with data gathering, collation and in-depth analysis

Detailed reporting to enable informed decision making

End to end Project and Programme management

An understanding of complex business processes and application integration


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Our Team

Adrienn Cserhalmi MBCS

Project Manager & Business Analyst

Patrick Chriswick BSc MBCS

Project & Programme Manager

Eva Nicolaou MBCS

Project Manager & Business Analyst

Recent news

  • Eva Nicolaou
  • May 2018

GDPR Compliance Expertise at Aviva

Cosmos Technology Ltd selected to perform GDPR compliance at Aviva UK. Ensuring that Aviva UK remain compliant with new data management and security legislation.

  • Adrienn Cserhalmi
  • May 2017

SunLife Restructuring

Cosmos Technology Ltd selected to facilitate SunLife business process restructuring. IT systems overhaul required after sunlife split from parent company.

  • Patrick Chriswick
  • May 2017

MOD IT business process overhaul

Cosmos Technology Ltd aid Service Integration and Management overhaul at the MOD information and system security HQ.

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